Copper purchase

Our company offers retail and wholesale purchases of copper. This metal, which is extremely necessary in industry and not only. Characterizes by high degree of conductivity, which affects its numerous applications. Copper can be found as an element of cables, roofs, water installations, and also machines. In addition to many segments in which this metal can act, each time its reserves are less. It is fully recyclable, which makes it possible to process it without the loose in quality.

The country, advanced in the extraction of this valuable element, is Chile. Poland is located on the 10th place, in the world advanced group. In our country, industrial processing of copper is concentrated in the copper region Legnica-Glogow. Each year, about 23 million tons of this raw material wear out. Up to 35% is for processing, it means restored and intended for reuse. For comparison, in 2010, only 16 million tons were produced worldwide. There is a huge difference that shows how important is the process of copper recycling. The process of obtaining copper from ore is unusually complicated and unsuccessful. A much easier task is recycling. It is estimated that already about 80% of the extracted copper again fell into the throes. In the coming years, this scale should grow to the minimum deposits of this raw material, which ends slowly, throughout the world. Industrial processing is also much cheaper than the process of extracting and separating a clean element from ore. It is good noting that it is a very old and one of the most exploited metals. Known already in antiquity, and the Bronze Age thanks its name to exactly one of the copper alloys. Thousands of years of history of this metal show only how suitable it is for society and which universal character it has. In Poland, this is one of the most necessary and most often serving raw materials, which affects the large scale of industrial processing. We offer an unlimited opportunity to buy copper in our representative office. We are interested in every form, regardless of the type and size. We guarantee a good and professional classification. The price list of our services is available on the website. Using the opportunity to sell scrap in our department, you can be sure of the invariability of prices and profitable classification. All products from our composition get back to the metallurgical factories, or to industrial enterprises, where they are processed at very high temperatures. We dispose of professional equipment that classifies metals, as well as qualified personnel who are ready to give advice in every situation. The selection of more products, which include copper is also not a problem for the company. In our own is a specialized transport, through which the transportation of heavy metal becomes much easier. We offer the same purchase  for firms and enterprises, and for individual sales. We recommend to get know the prices we offer and possible contacts.

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