Non-ferrous metals purchase

The purchase of non-ferrous metals is an appropriate offer for people who want to get rid of these elements from their homes and, above all, earn good money on this. We offer very affordable prices and a lightning-fast implementation of the transaction, the customer will receive the money directly to hands. The trump card of our corporate offer is it’s diversity, as we buy virtually all non-ferrous metals, everyone can find the appropriate option for themselves to earn extra money. There is interesting proposal especially for young people, unemployed and retired people. We buy such metals as: copper, tin, aluminum, steel, nickel, gold, silver, bronze, and brass. The client decides by himself whether he wants to receive money in the form of cash, or by transfer.

Thorough evaluation of the accepted elements

The purchase of non-ferrous metals involves a thorough evaluation of the elements taken from all sides. That the most important, price tag is always available, so you can read it and have certainty about how much money will be earned for such transaction. This can add your pocket expenses, help your home budget, or report to a pension. We accept almost all non-ferrous metals, so there will be no problems with their sale. Customers are serviced very well and if the client wants, when the goods are available, transport means are provided. There is a possibility of long-term cooperation with suppliers who own permanent sources of raw materials.

Purchase of goods from firms and individual customers

Non-ferrous metals and scrap can be purchased from firms, and individual customers. Our company do retail and wholesale. The offer of our company is adjusted to small needs and big assignments. We dispose of high-quality equipment, so the sales process runs smoothly and the customer does not need to wait a long time for the proper money. In addition, the company offers transportation, which is used for loading and unloading scrap, which must be sold by the buyer when buying. Each of our clients can have hope about convenient terms of cooperation. Qualified stuffs will transfer the transaction.

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